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The “Perseus Myth”: mythology meets mathematics!

The “Perseus Myth” is a bilingual Greek-Arabic intercultural and multidisciplinary digital educational material, which is geared to the teaching of mathematics through a series of puzzles that follow the Perseus myth and focus on the epistemology of numerical writing. The wider context of the project is the educational encounter of myths with mathematics and cultures in modern communicational and digital construction of reality.

The design and production were made with the scientific responsibility of the Department of Pre-school Education and Educational Design of the University of the Aegean, with the collaboration of scientific teams from the Universities of Athens, Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt. The project was carried out within the framework of the Community Initiative for Cross-Border Cooperation INTERREG II, Measure 6.3 – Cooperation of Educational Institutions.

We greatly thank the creators of this pedagogical material for the kind concession of the rights of use so that we  can share this excellent teamwork/collaboration with our friends!

You can download the file in order to browse “The Myth of Perseus” here

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