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The story of Eleni and Aisa

The story of Eleni and Aisa, a 15-year-old unaccompanied child from Syria, as it was published at “Nea Selida” newspaper.

Eleni offered hospitality to Aisa through METAdrasi’s “Foster Care for Unaccompanied Minors” Programme.

“Last year’s Christmas holidays were very special, since I had Aisa’s company”, Eleni recounts and continues: “We decorated the house together and Aisa made small star-shaped colored cards with wishes in English. I realized she was missing her family very much and I tried to cheer her up. We cooked together a traditional dish from her home country and a desert my mother used to make when I was little. We created a celebration atmosphere.

On New Year’s Eve something unexpected happened. As soon as the fireworks began, Aisa suddenly turned pale and began to tremble. I took her in my arms and asked her what had happened. She could not speak, she only kept her ears covered with her hands. I realized she was terrified by the explosions of the fireworks. Days earlier, she had told me that she had seen people getting killed in a bombing. Fortunately, after a while the noise stopped and the little girl began to calm down. I do not know for how long we stayed on that night, hugging and talking.

The next morning, she had made for me a beautiful card on which she had written: “Thank you Eleni, have a happy 2017!” Aisa now lives with her mother in Germany. We keep in touch. Her card still reminds me of that New Year’s Eve.”
Would you like to offer hospitality and care to an unaccompanied child alone in Greece? 

METAdrasi’s activity “Foster Care Programme for Unaccompanied Minors” is supported by UNHCR.

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