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The unaccompanied children of our Chios shelter plant trees!

The destruction of our planet may no longer be reversible. However, we must not stop our efforts. Starting with raising children’s awareness, teaching them to respect nature and to protect the environment. A few days ago, the unaccompanied children of our accommodation facility in Chios, took part in the tree planting in the area of Avgonyma, co-organized by “Oloi Mazi Boroume (All together we can)”, the Municipality and the Forestry of the island and SKAI.

The children learned, among other things, what trees they would plant, what tools they would use, how to dig the soil properly. Then they divided into groups and enthusiastically began to plant the small trees. Some children even remembered their parents who also dug the earth in their homeland in order to plant.

An event like this may seem like a drop in the ocean given the gravity of the issue of the protection of the Earth, but many drops together can bring change.


METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility in Chios is funded since June 2020 by EEA Grants in the framework of the Asylum and Migration programme.

Funded by EEA Grants
Fund operated by ΣΟΛ Crowe and HumanRights360

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