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“Together in Sport”: a visit to the Athens Olympic Museum

On Friday, August 13, and on the occasion of the 17th anniversary since the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games, an educational visit took place to the Athens Olympic Museum, within the framework of the “Together in Sport” project.

The children who participated in the visit, had the opportunity to walk around the Museum and get to know the history and spirit of the ancient and modern Olympic Games. They admired the wreath of wild olive branches (that was awarded to the winners of the ancient games), the medals, the sport shoes of Pyrros Dimas, various objects from the Athens Olympics and many more other exhibits that aroused their curiosity and transported them mentally to the Games.

Their enthusiasm was great and they did not stop asking questions. At the end of their visit, they wrote in the visitors’ book how much they loved the museum and how much they would like to visit it again. Until then, they drew enough inspiration to continue their sports activities with dedication!

The project “Together in Sport” enables asylum-seeking minors and local children in Greece to do sports and leisure activities together.

Information & enrolments: togetherinsport@metadrasi.org | Tel.: 693 652 5723

“Together in Sport”, initiated and co-funded by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, is implemented by METAdrasi in cooperation with the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the participation of municipalities all over Greece. The project is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

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