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Tortures: inhuman physical and psychological abuse as a means to punish, intimidate, interrogate

Our country has experienced this extreme form of violence during the dictatorship. Nevertheless, even today, in many places of the world, tortures continue to exist as a practice of power enforcement and degrading treatment, with the methods of torture evolving, so that it becomes more and more difficult to diagnose them.

How can METAdrasi’s interdisciplinary team identify the thousands of torture survivors among the refugees arriving in Greece and what kind of support can be offered to these individuals?

Ioanna Babassika, METAdrasi’s vice president and an expert on “Identification and Certification of Victims of Torture”, talks to Athina 9.84* about this important activity that is being implemented by METAdrasi with the valuable support of UNHCR and the European Commission’s Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations Department (ECHO).

*At the link you may listen to the interview in Greek as well as read extracts in English.

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