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Turning a supermarket visit into language lesson!

METAdrasi’s educational team in Lesvos together with the adult refugee students who live in the RIC of Mavrovouni, visited the nearest supermarket, aiming to practice the Greek language. After writing down the list of what they needed, the students went into the store and discussed with the employees in order to do the shopping. Having completed their buys, the teacher asked them questions about the things the found in the supermarket. And all this was done in Greek!

Despite the difficult living conditions and challenges that adult refugees face on a daily basis, their desire and willingness to learn never abandon them. Their bright smiles and the sincere enthusiasm they showed, prove the importance of the application of knowledge in real conditions of everyday life.

“I think the employee of the grocery department was surprised when I spoke to him in Greek. But then I saw that he helped me out very willingly. He also congratulated me for learning Greek!”, said characteristically one of the students who participated in this activity. Because when knowledge is combined with a positive experience, then students have more motivation to learn!

METAdrasi’s educational activities for adults on the frontier islands are implemented with the support of UNHCR GREECE.

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