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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Moria mission s

Urgent humanitarian aid mission from METAdrasi to Lesvos

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Moria mission 1

While in Lesvos thousands of people spent another day on the streets without even the basics, METAdrasi carried out the first urgent humanitarian aid mission.

On Friday morning, 118 boxes of basic needs items arrived on the island. Our teams make sure that these items reach the people that have found themselves in such a great need.

We would like to thank: The Hellenic Initiative for the extremely important sponsorship of coronavirus tests for all the vulnerable individuals we are hosting, to ensure their protection as well as the protection of the people of Lesvos. (We must note that all tests came back negative). The Greek supermarket chain Sklavenitis that responded promptly to our request and sponsored the basic needs items. Hellenic Seaways of Attica Group and Voyager Hellas for the free transfer of humanitarian material. And of course, our team of volunteers!

Also, we also warmly thank Caritas Austria for providing us with valuable support to cover the emergencies arising from the destruction of the Moria camp. And all our supporters and especially our supporters in the local community of Lesvos, who immediately contacted us offering their support.

Finally, it is very important to highlight the response of all the citizens who offered immediately their help, each one in their own way.

′′Sending only clothes or food seems very little to me and my conscience will keep bothering me“. This is only one of the dozens of messages we received as soon as the first news of the destruction of Moria’s refugee camp started to arrive. Such messages prove once again that the Greek society, in spite of all the difficulties and the handful of the extreme exceptions, will not cease to be a society standing in solidarity with the Fellow Human.

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