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Visit of Mr. Frank Franke, President and CEO of WINGS OF HELP, to reinforce the cooperation with METAdrasi

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On Tuesday 13, July 2021, the President of WINGS OF HELP, Mr. Frank Franke visited the headquarters of METAdrasi and met with Ms. Lora Pappa.

Mr. Franke and Ms. Pappa had an extensive conversation regarding the current situation of refugees in the islands and mainland and the challenges the refugee population faces every day. As an act of goodwill, Mr. Franke donated 1.000 face masks N95, which are proven to be more than 95 percent efficient at filtering 0.3-um particles.

We hope that soon we will be able to expand the collaboration between WINGS OF HELP & METAdrasi in order to help people and especially children in need.

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