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Visit to the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki for the young students of our education centre

Once again, the help of our volunteers proved invaluable! With their assistance, 24 children visited the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki.

These are our young students from our educational center in Thessaloniki who had the opportunity to escape from the daily routine of the classroom and visit the city’s Olympic Museum.

The children had a tour to the museum, learned about the history of the Olympic Games and admired up close the authentic sports equipment and mascots of different countries. Also, they enjoyed some Olympic sports such as table tennis, fencing, running and long jump.

ℹ If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and for more information, you can contact METAdrasi’s department of volunteers (tel.: 2141008700 / ext. 253-254, email: volunteers@metadrasi.org)

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