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Volunteer Anna: “Every week, I catch myself looking forward to the day I will go to METAdrasi”

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METAdrasi volunteer, Anna, talks about her experience at the Mother and Child Space in the Asylum Service, in Thessaloniki.

What made you decide to volunteer?
From a very young age I was aware of human rights and I really wanted to get professionally involved with their promotion and protection. Refugee rights are one of my biggest concerns, as we see them being violated on a daily basis. Therefore, I chose to start my offer to these people by volunteering with METAdrasi.

What are the activities included in your volunteering?
am at the Mother and Child Space in Thessaloniki. I organize creative activities for the children of the families who come to the Asylum Service. We draw, make constructions depending on the time of year or some international day, we play games and watch movies.

What do you believe you have gained from volunteering?
Every Thursday when I return home, I am filled with happiness knowing that I made some children smile and have a good time, enjoy the activities. And I have a great time with them as well. I believe that now, I am more motivated. I have managed to experience the feeling of satisfaction after a completely selfless offer and certainly my participation in METAdrasi has helped me to learn more about the life of these families and their difficulties. I am very proud that with my action I help them even a little!

Would you like to share with us some thoughts or emotions related to your volunteering?
Volunteering is something that comes from the heart. Something you truly want to do. Every week I catch myself looking forward to the day I will go to METAdrasi, meet the children, play and draw with them. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children, knowing that you contributed to this simply because you sat down next to them in the kitchen or let them comb your hair at the beauty salon of the Mother and Child Space, that’s an incomparable feeling!

Is there a particular experience which you will never forget?
Every day at METAdrasi is a unique experience, but I will never forget the children who say goodbye giving me a big hug. This is their way of thanking me.

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