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Metadrasi - METAdrasi VOLUNTEER Marianthi2

Volunteer Marianthi: “The experiences I have from volunteering are interesting and positive, so I look at them as a whole”

Metadrasi - METAdrasi VOLUNTEER Marianthi

Marianthi, METAdrasi’s volunteer in the activity “Identification and Certification of Victims of Torture”, talks about her experience.

What was it that made you decide to volunteer at METAdrasi?
I started volunteering at METAdrasi in the spring of 2021. METAdrasi’s “Identification of Victims of Torture” activity and is related to my studies, so I knew I could offer help to asylum seekers. Also, I had information about the organisation already from my academic field, which contributed to my choice of volunteer work.

What activities does your volunteering involve?
My volunteer activity concerns the administrative support and mainly the research part of the activities of the Torture Victims Certification programme. For example, I was assigned to study the criminal law of EU countries regarding the certification of torture victims with the aim of drafting an advocacy report by the organisation. Also, in the context of research on the use of the certificate by the beneficiaries, I undertook, with the help of interpreters, the questionnaires, the communication with the participants and the recording of their responses.

What do you think you have gained through your participation in METAdrasi’s actions?
Volunteering at METAdrasi, helped me to gain additional knowledge about the legislation on asylum in Greece, so that I can understand the legal situation in which each beneficiary who wishes to join the department’s programme is in. Also, the contact with applicants, as well as with colleagues, has helped me to understand cultural characteristics, which particularly affect the experiences of applicants and are reflected in their cases. I am gaining work experience in my field of study, and at the same time, through working with other colleagues, I have come to understand the importance of a team spirit.

Is there any particular experience you have had that you will never forget?
Most of the experiences I have from volunteering are interesting and positive, so I look at them as a whole. The most significant experience I have had was being involved in recording and understanding testimonies of beneficiaries of the torture victim certification programme.

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