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Metadrasi - Δράση του μήνα Χρωματιστή Αλφαβήτα

We have fun all together and learn from each other

In the Mother and Child Area, created and operated by METAdrasi at the Asylum Service in Athens and Thessaloniki, mothers can breastfeed and take care of their babies in a friendly and appropriate environment, while young children have the opportunity to play safely and to be occupied creatively by our team members, with the valuable help of our volunteers.

“It’s exciting how children respond to the activities we organize”, says a member of our team in Thessaloniki. “Over the past few weeks, we have introduced the Greek alphabet to children from many different countries, through games, crafts and other activities. We all had fun together and have learned from each other. We hope that the themes we plan to develop over the next few weeks will excite them the same!”

We sincerely thank the staff members of the Asylum Service in Athens and Thessaloniki for the kind offer of toys and educational & other material, as well as the activity’s supporters: the Asylum Service, UNICEF and UNHCR.

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Metadrasi - Γράφω το όνομά μου στα ελληνικά Δράση του ΄μήνα
Metadrasi - IMG 20170601 113651
Metadrasi - Δράση του μήνα Τα επαγγέλματα στα ελληνικά
Metadrasi - Δράση του μήνα ελληνική αλφαβήτα 4
Metadrasi - Γράφω το όνομά μου στα ελληνικά Δράση του μήνα
Metadrasi - Βραχιολάκια
Metadrasi - mother and child area thessaloniki
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