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What is it like to host an unaccompanied child?

Maria, who offers hospitality to a a twelve-year old unaccompanied boy from Afganistan, along with her husband and two children, says: “I believe that once you have become a biological parent, you are a parent for all the children of the world”. She explains how the coexistence has proved, among other things, educational: “… my sons now comprehend notions and values ​​that I took me 40 years to discover”.

Hundreds of unaccompanied children are in need of family warmth. METAdrasi’s action for Foster Care refers to families and individuals in Athens and Thessaloniki who would like to offer hospitality and care to a child who is alone in Greece.

Find out more at bit.ly/28YgFPw and at the telephone numbers: 210 5201792, 6980 462271 (Athens) or 2310 501151 (Thessaloniki)

Read the full article in Greek from “I Kathimerini” newspaper here 

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