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A special day with grandma and grandpa

Children living in METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Athens had the opportunity to visit “Oikos Galinis”, the Elderly Care Facility of Estia Neas Smirnis.

Maria, our shelter’s social worker, recounts:
“They all welcomed us very warmly and we immediately started to get acquainted. Zoi Alexouli, the nursing home’s psychologist, had prepared flags of the children’s home countries, so that, as each child was saying a few words about themselves, they would show the flag of their country. The atmosphere was particularly warm and joyful, especially when a volunteer musician of the care facility played songs of old Athens, which all the elderly joined singing, while two ladies danced for the children. Later, he played traditional Greek and children’s songs that our children knew from their weekly lessons with our volunteer musician, so they could sing along too.

By the end, our little Salma from Afghanistan asked me: “May I give them a hug?” It was very moving, because she actually gave hugs to all grandmas and grandpas, one by one!

After giving us a tour around the facility, Mrs. Zoi donated us her book “Tales for Grown Babies” and promised to visit our home and read it to the children.”

We wholeheartedly thank the nursing home’s manager, Thelxi Mouzaki and all our new friends for the cordial hospitality!

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