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Greek article on METAdrasi’s interpretation for hospitals


During the last 7 years, METAdrasi has been tackling the growing emergency needs for interpretation in hospitals all over Greece, mainly on a volunteer basis, through specially trained interpreters/intercultural mediators.
As of March 2018, with support from the European Commission’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO), METAdrasi began the provision of interpretation to healthcare services with daily presence.

Every day, we receive multiple requests. Very often, we are requested to facilitate the communication with people that are suffering from serious illnesses.

METAdrasi’s interpreter in Arabic, Mohammed, points out: “It is a big responsibility, since the health condition and even the life of the patient depend on the proper communication with the doctor. Very often I get sad by the things I see and hear. Nevertheless, when I realize how helpful what I am doing is, I feel that it is worth it, despite the tiredness, the anxiety, the tension”.

You may find the article in Greek here.

More information regarding the activity and the hospitals it is provided to.

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