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Discovering treasures in Delphi

METAdrasi’s accommodation facility for unaccompanied children in Athens: Discovering treasures in Delphi

With valuable support by No More Walking – that since 2016 has been steadily supporting METAdrasi’s activities for unaccompanied children, through campaigns and activities around Europe – we visited Delphi and gave the children the chance to learn more on the history and culture of Greece.

Our children were impressed with the pieces of sculpture, the pediments and the figurines in Delphi’s museum and archaeological site. They were fascinated with the story of Pythia’s oracle, transmitting God’s sayings.

The spectacular images and stories were followed by diving and playing at the sea, in nearby Itea. The bright light, the strong impressions and the children’s laughter, composed a day that brought us closer to the history of the country we are living in, but also to each other. 

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