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Our students celebrate with a unique party the end of the school year

METAdrasi’s educational centre in Athens held a unique party to celebrate the end of the school year. Our students were all there, full of enthusiasm and smiles. They met their friends and teachers and together they sang, danced and engaged in various games and activities:

🔴 Chris and Dida of the HipHop4Hope team blew us away with their dance moves.

🔵 Savvas, a volunteer trainer, gave an outlet for the children’s endless energy with fun sports games.

🟢 The wonderful Anna and Veronica performed an unforgettable wheelchair dance demonstration, winning the admiration of everyone!

🟠 Together in Sport – Phase II organized a ceramics workshop for our young students who created the most beautiful works of art.

It was a day of joy and excitement, where Myrtillo Cafe, which hosted our celebration, was filled with smiles, fun and enthusiasm of every single one, students, parents, teachers!

With renewed spirits, we look forward to seeing everyone at the beginning of the classes for the new school year.

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