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Exploring the professional perspectives of agriculture

Metadrasi - METAdrasi agriculture 1 1

Young refugees and asylum seekers from Lesvos had the opportunity to explore the possibilities that working in the agricultural sector can provide. The training was carried out in cooperation with the Home For All Organization, in the framework of METAdrasi’s Stepping Stone job counselling programme.

The nine participants became acquainted with the work of the people in the farming sector, as they participated in various tasks and used agricultural machinery themselves, taking of course all the necessary safety precautions.

Being a farmer comes with a handful of difficulties and challenges that was further discussed with the beneficiaries, who expressed great interest through their questions and concerns. After four weekends of training, the feedback we received from both the trainers and the beneficiaries of our programme was really encouraging, proving once again the significance of interacting with the local community.

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