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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Hiphop 1

Inspiring Children!

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Hiphop 1

“Inspiring Children” is a new initiative of METAdrasi that recently kicked off with great success at the Organization’s Educational Centre.

The first person to speak on this occasion was Shafi Qias, a successful fashion designer. Shafi, originally from Tajikistan, was raised in Afghanistan and Iran, and has managed to excel in the fashion industry. When she arrived in Greece, she experienced the harsh reality of Moria camp but she never gave up on her dreams. Once in Athens, she pursued her goals with dedication, and today she is a role model not only for our students but for many others as well.

The educational center also welcomed the dance group of the Hip Hop 4 Hope Organization, featuring Mohamed Behlendi (Momo), Vassilis Kyriakakis, and Chris Drewiche. Mohamed, who was born in Tunisia and raised in Greece, works as an interpreter and is actively involved in various art forms. The group passionately spoke to the children and encouraged them to stay true to their dreams. Through the dynamic world of hip-hop hop they conveyed the inspiring message to their young audience that they can achieve a lot, as long as they never give up on their aspirations and dreams.

The inspiring words of the speakers, full of affection and dedication, encouraged the students to express themselves about their dreams and concerns for the future. At the end of the activity, one of METAdrasi’s students pointed out: “They keep telling me that I cannot be a car mechanic because I am a woman. But I feel that I can and I will make it!

Since September 2021, METAdrasi’s Homework and Creative Activities Centre for minors is part of the programme “All Children in Education”, a UNICEF Greece initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, co-funded by the European Union, and implemented in collaboration with a number of partners, including METAdrasi.

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