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METAdrasi’s interpreters read children’s book

When we were growing up, we did not have people reading to us fairy tales,” said one of METAdrasi’s interpreters of, who, with a lot of love and enthusiasm, read children’s books in Arabic and Farsi, as part of the event organized by “Diavazontas Megalono”, last Saturday, at the Park for the Child & Culture, on the occasion of the International Literacy Day.

The event included reading of children’s books in various languages that took place under the trees of the park and a free children’s book bazaar.

There were many smiles among the children who had the opportunity to “make a journey” in the magical world of books listening to the fascinating stories in their own language! The unaccompanied children of METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility were also there, thrilled with this special event. Of course, we still cannot decide who was the most excited, our children or our interpreters?

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