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News247 article on Supported Independent Living for unaccompanied refugee girls


Anita and Naya are two girls of 17 years old that were forced to flee from their home countries a few months ago and arrived in Greece alone, without family, the one from an Asian country and the other from Africa. Today, Anita and Naya live in Athens and attend school. Anita is an athletic type and loves science, while Naya has an artistic temperament and dreams of becoming a graphic designer.

What connects these two girls?
Thanks to METAdrasi’s initiative “Supported Independent Living for Unaccompanied Minors” Anita and Naya live together in an appartment where they are both responsible for the house chores, while they are encouraged to develop their skills and potentials, in order to build their future.

This innovative activity, designed according to the specific needs of unaccompanied minors aged 16-18, is implemented with the support and funding of UNICEF and the important contribution of the Public Prosecutors for unaccompanied minors, METAdrasi’s Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors, as well as with the cooperation of the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA).

You may read the text in english here.

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