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When education blends with tradition

Metadrasi - Metadrasi Mastixa 1 1

Beneficiaries of the “Stepping Stone” Educational Integration Programme, and adult students, who reside in the VIAL camp in Chios island were presented with a memorable educational opportunity during their visit to the premises of a local mastic producer.

Following an imaginary journey through history and tradition, they discovered new paths of knowledge through this iconic product and symbol of Chios, synonymous with the very soul of the island. The participants were excited to explore the uniqueness of this particular product of Chios, and learn about the cultivation process and the collection of its precious crystals. The peculiarities and challenges of the cultivation of mastic trees, and their significance for the local economy, as well as their beneficial health effects, revealed new dynamics and potential employment for the participants, many of whom expressed their desire to be employed in this sector in the future.

Full of aromas and unique images, this educational trip was welcomed as a great opportunity for the beneficiaries to become acquainted with the local rural activities. Indeed, on returning to the camp, they expressed their desire to organize and participate in similar projects, that combine the benefits of interacting with local community and tradition with the prospect of future employment and integration.

METAdrasi’s education programme for adults on the islands and the “Stepping Stone” programme are implemented with the support of UNHCR.

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