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Your Rights, are always with you

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“Your Rights, are always with you” is a storytelling and crafts edition. It was created in order to introduce the young beneficiaries of METAdrasi to the world of children’s rights, as stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Focusing mainly on older children, this concept is based on the idea that children’s rights are a group of heroes that accompanies every single child from the moment they are born, and never leaves their side. These heroes may be made of paper, but they have enormous power, as this paper is bound by the will of all the adults in the world, who have signed an agreement for the protection of the children globally.

The project aspires to become a “tool” and a cause for discussion and interaction with children. It therefore consists of a summary of the articles included in the Convention, which for the purposes of this project, are partially presented and not wholly analyzed or described.

IDEA-STORY: Stavroula Pagona, Antonis Papatheodoulou
ILLUSTRATION: Myrto Delivoria 
DESIGN OF 3D PAPER TOYS: Konstantinos Kesidis

Below, you may find the book in Greek, English, Arabic, Farsi, Ukrainian, Spanish and French, as well as the figures you can print to create the heroes.

“Your Rights, are always with you” was created with funding from Family for Every Child.

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