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METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Chios: a feast for the neighborhood!

Unaccompanied children, 3-17 years old, from Syria, Afghanistan and Ethiopia are hosted in METAdrasi’s accommodation facility in Chios from the beginning of its operation in July 2016.

Some days ago, a celebration was prepared by the children accommodated in the facility, along with the facility’s staff. They invited with great enthusiasm neighbors and friends in their “home”.

Filled with joy, they welcomed the neighborhood‘s families with their children, their friends living in VIAL, Souda, greek friends, their volunteer teachers from the organization “Be Aware and Share”, professionals of the area and, of course, METAdrasi’s team in Chios: members of the Guardianship Network, Interpreters, Coordinators, Lawyers, Volunteers.

The children enjoyed the role of the host: they cooked foods from their homelands and took care so that all guests tried them, while one of them worthily took on the role of the DJ. The rhythms of various origins acted like a magic carpet that traveled everyone to lost countries and distant lands, through a group dance.

Many thanks to those who helped us create the shelter in Chios and supported us from the beginning: The Embassy of France in Greece, Libra Group, SOS Children’s Villages, AAR Japan,
as well as to all the people standing by these children, each one in their own way…

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