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Metadrasi - mountain Samos s

Conquering the top!

The unaccompanied children hosted in METAdrasi’s accommodation facility in Samos tested their personal strengths ascending mount Karvounis (1150 m.), along with the staff of the facility.

As recounted by the Head of the Facility “it was a powerful experience, both for us and for the children. The hiking lasted a total of four hours. During that time, the children at first enjoyed the route and landscapes and later started narrating more and more memories of their lives:

T., the relationship with his father, his job as a stone craftsman from the age of 8, his pride bringing some money to his home and family.
M., who had lost his brother a while ago, talking about the similarities of Greek and Syrian flowers. Talking about his city. Talking!
S. recounting funny stories since he was guarding his family’s flocks and was chasing the goatlings on the crags and slopes.

At the top, where the view was stunning, they gazed at the island of Samos but also at the coast of Turkey from which they had left. All of them pointed out that it was the first time they found themselves above the clouds and that the feeling was unique, energizing.
Everyone’s eyes reflected only peace and joy.

After the descent and once we got into our van, all the children were asleep within 10 minutes. Calm and relieved … “

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